Project: Hidden Game Room.
Type: Conceptual Design.
Created using SketchUp Pro 2014 | Vray | Photoshop
A high-tech futuristic game room that's themed around the movie Tron: The Legacy. It follows the concept of a secret room. Created to be a hub for gamers. It's a conceptual project, designed to give the best gaming experience for the user by creating a comfortable gaming environment, and a timeless atmosphere using simulation technology. The Void comes alive and breathes through the LED lighting that changes in color & pace.
One of the spaces designed into the Void is a room of calmness. It’s a private area that only the owner could access. Consists of a big water-bed and a curved, built-in jellyfish tank. The water-bed changes the temperature of the water inside to give ultra experience of comfort & relaxations. A sound system is embedded inside the room for soft music.  
The iconic Tron Bike is placed inside the Void as an art piece on one side, and a usable bike that the user can take outside for a ride. It's placed on top of an interactive-smart display, that rotates to showcase the bike when it's not in use. Once the main door of the Void is open and the Tron Bike is ready to go, the display will respond and it will rotate facing the door, flatten its surface and starts the engine of the bike.

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