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Collab project with Italian designer Cristina La Porta | @cristinalaportastudio. Featuring Marioni's Grace sofa & armchairs, Scarlet Splendour's The Five Bulb floor lamp, and Artemide's  Metacolor floor lamp.

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Our collab is divided in two projects (hers and Tulimond's), same concept, different outlooks in design. Check her own perspective on this project using her unique style, color, and design execution on Behance & Instagram.
This collab started with an idea and a sketch (by yours truly). Imagining a Utopian garden and its castle, but later on, the more we brainstormed and progressed, the more ideas changed; in how we perceive the space, and how we want our viewers to connect with it. And so, Cristina took the lead in naming the project after one of her favorite Italian songs Mi ritorni in mente by Lucio Battisti.
Imagining the space(s) we've created, being inside the mind of Lucio Battisti, where he daydreams of the love of his life, and their memories together. "So idyllic... so romantic... like an endless space. No time. A moment stuck forever in eternity. A place where they could be together, even now that she's gone." explained Cristina.
We fell in love with the concept and the song. And now, without further ado, here's how we conceptualized our collab, to be:

Mi ritorni in mente, is a timeless idyllic space, created within the mind of the lover, who, upon losing the love of his life, remembers her as beautiful as she was, daydreaming, wishing she was by his side, in this secret outdoor living room: where the memory of them will never be lost, and their love will never end, Remaining unchanged forever.

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Some sketches and process renders for your pleasure.

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