Project: Café, Fashion Boutique & Nail Studio.
Location: Paris, France.
Size: 123 sqm.
Client: Private.
Created using SketchUp Pro 2015 | Vray | Photoshop
A realm of all that's exquisite, lavish and blush. An interior design concept where pink is dominant, and its ruler, it becomes.
A Heart of glass, in many textures and tints of pink. Delicate, with more than one layer to the soul . A little bit of Parisian elegance is what makes it whole. Light and shadow, are invited and here. Playfully creating images of sunlight colors and figures you can almost hear. Garments of satin, velvet and organza, are soft to the touch, too many of them?
Oh, it’s never too much.

The very ethereal high-end interior design, is a highly personal project that was inspired by the client's personality, style and taste. Her elegant, pink and peony loving soul, resides in every corner of the interior; making it the primary focus while creating the design. Transparent & translucent materials play an essential role. Apart from being used as a primary element reinforcing the ethereal concept of the interior, their ability to interact with both sunlight and artificial light creates an atmosphere of surreal; depending on the time of day and year, the atmosphere changes, creating an ever-changing aura for the space without altering any of the interior. As a hybrid space, the Café and Fashion Boutique―in particular, were designed with an open space layout. The idea, is to mix the fashion and shopping experience with the tastiest and fanciest dainties on menu. This mix was thought of, mostly because of the small space at hand. However, it created an opportunity to design a unique interior concept curated for the client's vision.

View of the café 

View of the fashion boutique

View of the counter and service area

View of the Instagram corner

VIP room

designed like the lavish comfort and glamour of one of Marie Antoinette’s living rooms. Everything's portable and changes according to the VIP client(s) of the day. Comfortable seats, pink & pastel snack corner, portable mani & pedi, entertainment of choice, and a paravent to try-out clothes from the Fashion Boutique, in private.

Ground Floor Plan

The entrance, natural light and privacy play a big role in the space layout. With the interior project spreading through two floors, open spaces that require more privacy, are placed in the lower floor, and spaces that are more public, requiring natural light, window view, and in need to be closer to the entrance, are placed in the ground floor. Moreover, the circulation between the spaces is an organic one. It provides a free-flowing path for both staff and customers.


Mood Board

Stay tuned for the Nail Studio

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