Created using SketchUp Pro 2014 | Vray | Photoshop
As an interior designer, I have been obsessing over interior wallpapers. And so, I was determined to create a study that explores and experiments those interior wallpapers through space, lighting and furniture. The initial inspiration for this whole project was a scene from the movie The Fountain. It was so beautiful that it gave me the drive to start this study. As it turns out, this project went overboard to transcend the idea to something... more. I hope you enjoy looking at it and analyzing its elements.
After experimenting enough, the space started transcending more and more into creating a concept of a grand space that would give the impression of forest-wilderness-abstraction through Ellie Cashman's wallpaper and Bolle Sola pendants, where EDRA-BOA Sofa in velvet blue being at the center of attraction as a timeless piece of furniture.
This was the piece that was developed last. Where I started exploring more wallpaper options. This time it was the Still Life with Shadows Blue. The same concept still applies but here I was considering a colored mirror piece at the center to complement the skylight and wallpaper.

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